Attitude Schmatitude! Hit Over The Head With The Grumpy Fairy Stick!

Boy is it Hump Day today! I’m having a really hard time getting over it despite all of the happy crappy ‘Choose Your Own Attitude’ platitudes I keep spouting at myself. Today, for no apparent reason, I awoke on the Dark Side and chose a ‘fat, grumpy, tired and old’ attitude, thank you very much. Now, I’m on such a roll that I can’t seem to turn it back around. Might as well ride the wave and be the best fat, tired, old grump that ever there was I guess!

Most of yesterday wasn’t a bad day. I got really great news from the home front. Friends brought us back See’s Chocolate from San Francisco-YUM. A friend told me that I looked very ‘streamlined’ which although don’t know what that means, she ws smiling when she said it so I took it as a compliment. And best of all, I wore my ‘fairy princess’ shoes. I have a pair of gold, lame, beaded flats that I sometimes wear with my khakis or brown jeans. They look totally ridiculous but make me feel (sparkly glitter) magical (sparkly glitter). The magic began to wear off towards evening when I found myself frazzled and snapping at Mr. Bee, “Hey! Don’t mess with me! Don't you know I’m a F-ing Fairy Princess!!" In that moment...poof...I magically transformed from a fairy princess into the Grumpy Fairy and proceeded to thump myself soundly on the head with my own crabby stick. I gave myself such a sound thrashing that it carried over to today!

Tomorrow will be better. The Neph is coming over for Movie Night. We either go to the cinema or rent DVDs the last Thursday night of the month. Mr. Bee is gaming with The Noisy Boys so it’s just The Neph and me. Tomorrow night we are on tap to watch “Bridge To Tarabithia” and “The Last Mimzy”. We’ll make popcorn and have a high time of it.

I also (So Help Me God) will finish the Wavy Scarf. I don’t know what it is with me and this pattern. It’s really straight forward. Some would call it ‘Easy’. But I have knit five rows and un-knit three almost the whole, entire way; two skeins of Cascade Quatro worth! I’ll be so happy to be done with it! Then I have two wee balls of leftover sock yarn with which I will make a couple more pairs of Tiny Toes socks to have in my gift stash for the next baby that comes along.

[Is it OK to make infant socks out of wool? The other ones I did out of Cascade cotton/nylon blend sock yarn. I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout birthin’ no babies Ms. Scarlett, so I would appreciate any advice y’all have on this. Do tiny toes get too hot in wool? Is it a pain to care for wool laundry wise? Should I not waste my time or the new Mom’s? If it turns out to be an OK thing to do, I’d love to use up these bits of high end yarn. If it’s not OK what do you do with your sock yarn leftovers? Any ideas?]

Friday will be my salvation since it will be Knit Night at The Sow’s Ear. I will be sure and sit faaaaarrrr away from the nasty lady this time. Friend-Anne just got back from California and will be meeting me to catch up. Seems like forever since I’ve seen her. And I will start a new project! YAY! I have had lots of things in mind, but wanted to clear out my knitting basket of half-finished projects before I started anything new. So I did; Cascade tiny toes, STR socks and Wavy Scarf will be finished. How mature of me….this time. All bets are off the next time something shiny catches my eye! I’m sure I’ll be off and running again with another eleventy-kajillion things half started.

Saturday is Last Saturday Knitting I think. Since I’ve missed the last three months, I am looking forward to it. Let’s hope, I don’t end up wandering around saying to Mr. Bee, “I’m SURE that there was someplace I was supposed to go this afternoon….but I just can’t think of where…” like I did last time. That would make me fat, grumpy, tired, old and STOOPID! And that’s just more than I could bear!


peaknits said…
I think I must have tripped on this grumpy stick which would account for me being bed ridden - to get more and more p.o'd that I can't do anything except read and type one handed:) Please let me know where you find the antidote. On the bright side, I finished 19 minutes - I was worried
Picoult would let another sicko get a "not guilty" verdict - whew!:) I think wook socks are fine, for a mom who knows not to chuck them into the dryer. :)
Linda L. said…
Yes, MollyBee, this Saturday is LSK - 2pm at Maple Grove Road Victor Allens. We've missed you, too! I'm hoping to bring Mr. J. along; it may take bringing the laptop to keep him occupied, though.
And did you know - hot weather makes the grumpy bushes grow. I work in a non-air-conditioned warehouse, so I know it!
~ Linda
Elizabeth said…
We had BIG TIME grumpies at my house yesterday. I broke down crying, which I seem to do once a year, usually in July.

I can't wait until Saturday. I do hope you will put a big sign on your refrigerator or your front door reminding you. We've missed you, as Linda said.

Superwash wool socks for babies are fine. Even hand-wash ones would be fine if the parents can be trusted with that. But babies can get poop even on socks(!) so think about the care requirements. Dale Baby Ull is a great choice.