I promised photos and here they are! Wow, seeing them all together makes me feel productive!

This is a closeup of my wavy scarf!:

Here is a long shot. It's laid out a little wonkey but you get the idea. (The color in the close up is true. It's Cascade Quatro.)

Here is a basket weave sock I'm working on with the hand-dyed yarn that came with my latest Rocking Socks package. I started it at Knit Night and didn't make a mistake so you can tell it's an easy pattern!

And last but not least, mini quilt blocks I have completed this week. They are paper pieced and about 4" square. The background blue-green swirl is from Ricky Tims.

Went to friend D&T's last night for supper and had a great time. T made a stir fry to die for! Then we played a few games of Tsuro. Mr. Bee won every one of them so we all stomped off in a huff grumbling that he'd somehow cheated (or maybe just I did), but it was fun anyway. D & T have been working hard on the gardens that surround their house and D gave me a tour and some ideas of things to plant on the north side of our house next summer. I'm leaning toward alisum and feather pampus grass.

Anyway, I'm headed back to the basement to get at least one more quilt block done. It just won't do to leave everything all asymmetrical like that! :-)


Elizabeth said…
That quilt will be gorgeous when it's all together. Wow.

Love the scarf and sock, too.