( Blogger won't let me title this so I'll do it here...) HEATWAVE PRODUCTIVITY

Since southern Wisconsin was roughly the same temperature as the surface of the sun this weekend, I spent a lot of time in the coolness of the basement working on my mini quilt. The top is pieced and the borders are on! YAY!!!!!

(I'll get a better picture when there is more light out. I took this one a little late in the evening. The Ricky Tim's fabric makes the background almost glow!

I also finished one of my basket weave socks from the new Socks That Rock yarn from Blue Moon Fibers. The pooling was a little weird, but I really like the pattern. Gives the socks an extra little "somethin' somethin'".

Remember the old Hollywood legend that back in the day, when the filmed bedroom scenes, even between husband and wives, each person had to keep one foot on the floor at all times? I think it was the old Dick Van Dyke show that I heard that about. Anyway, so the question today is....if you've been told to stay off the couch, but you need to get up there to look out the window...does it really count, technically, as being ON the couch as long as one foot is on the rug?


YarnThrower said…
Laughing out loud!

Your quilt looks so great!

(Laughing at the dog -- NOT the quilt)
Elizabeth said…
I'm laughing at the dog, too. He really does know better: you can tell by his face.

The quilt is gorgeous! And I love that sock. I always like it when a variegated yarn makes a cool pooling pattern like that.
Crys said…
That puppy is too funny.
peaknits said…
What a great pose - good catch! I love the quilt and the sock - great to keep busy in a cool basement:)
Anonymous said…
I vote for Ben on this one!!!