Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Power Of Positive Thinking

After apparently working off some very bad karma for a few days prior, I woke up yesterday and decided that praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, I was going to have me a good day no matter what The Universe threw at me. I would remain positive and upbeat and not let others attitudes decide my own. The day went swimmingly. Problems arose and were handled. Negativity and pettiness didn’t even begin to penetrate my cleverly crafted positivity force field. I even arrived home to find a package from The Sow’s Ear on my doorstep. I hadn’t ordered anything so I was surprised. I opened it to find a kit that I had won from a door prize drawing that I signed up for last Knit Night! It’s a groovy little purse kit made from lace yarn! Those guys are the greatest! Lady Luck was finally smiling on me!

Things just got better today when I put my 40 cents in the coffee machine [yes I’ve ventured into the dangerous waters of hot beverages again!] and cha ching! Money started pouring out the change slot faster than I could catch it. Score! [It’s about time that darn machine paid off! I’ve plugged enough money in it over the years! ] I grabbed a spare cup and caught as much as I could before the little change flap jammed and the coins stopped cascading out! No, I didn’t keep the loot. I called the vending company and they came and fixed it. And even though I never did get my cup of coffee, I got a giggle out of the I-Love-Lucy-esque predicament I found myself in.

Just goes to show that just when you think The Universe is out to get you and you’ve been kicked around as much as football at the World Cup finals, It picks you up, dusts you off and shines on you again! Problems are all in the interpretation. I just finished reading The Secret, which as it turns out is no secret at all; like attracts like…birds of a feather and all that. But it was a good reminder that it’s MY attitude that determines how my day will go.

My friend Rob has been collecting little quotes and experiences of things that inspire him and make him smile and posting them on his site. I think I’ll try to do the same. Here is my first ‘quote of the day’:

The only difference between a stumbling block and a stepping stone is the way you approach it’. Author Unknown


peaknits said...

I needed this post today. No matter how logical I am...and I know my attitude begets what is sends out - some days it tough. Yesterday was that day - so thanks for the new eyes on an old problem:) I may need to read The Secret? :)

brooke t. higgins said...

Your post made me smile today, thanks for that. :) I'm glad things are going better for you!

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