Yarney Heaven

I am knitting the coolest shawl right now. I call it my REY (Ridiculously Expensive Yarn) shawl. It knits up quick on big needles and is a really easy pattern. I saw one worked up at ‘Off The Beaten Path’ and had to have one of my own. I bought some Cherry Tree Hill purple, blue, teal variegated and some metallic variegated to match. Don’t know if I’ll wear it as a shawl shawl or as an over the coat shawl with my long grey wool coat. Ahhh…decisions decisions.

I’m in a such spendy mood lately. I spent all of my birthday loot on a quilting frame and REY and now I’ve spent my work bonus on joining the Blue Moon 'Socks that Rock' sock club for next year. They sent me an invitation to join. Would have been rude not to! They send 6 sock kits containing their AWESOME yarn and lots of other goodies.

Ooooo! And I also signed up for a class on how to make polyclay buttons for all of the future sweaters I will knit. It's coming up in a couple of weeks. Sigh……today it’s very very good to be me! Too blessed to be stressed!


peaknits said…
Poly buttons at Stitcher's Crossing?? Good stuff! I love your shawl, and have some ridiculous expensive yarn from the Sow - I need to finish my shawl AND I pre-registered for STR Club too - I'm thinking great minds think alike??!:) Thanks for your kind comment, the week is already looking much better:) It is nearly Friday after all!
emmms said…
It's times like this I wish I weren't in Britain -- you have found a class? to make buttons? for sweaters? That's the coolest! Maybe I'm just looking in all the wrong places, but I cannot find any evening classes that interesting over here.

You have to promise to be posty about them, though.
Mr. Bee said…
See...I check in once in awhile. :-) You never go to my forums.... :-) Good thing I'm going to be gone all day Saturday, huh?
Anonymous said…
Hi there, I'm on a whistle stop tour of the knitting path webring, nice blog, and shawl x
Elizabeth said…
Bah, Blogger isn't letting me comment on your new post, but is letting me comment on this one. Go figure.

My son recently said that he thought of a new oxymoron: Helpful Walmart Employees. Sounds like where you shop is the same.
Shelley said…
Your shawl is simply beautiful, and looks so soft and warm!

The class to make buttons sounds very interesting!