Long Overdue Update...

Apparently the thing on my it WAS a corn (and not a horn!)….results came back benign-thank goodness. Still waiting to hear about Mr. Bee’s.

Was more than a little blue this Turkey Day so didn’t do much by way of celebrating. I launched an assault on my messy house on Friday while Mr. Bee was out. How do two people create such a mess!? Put up some outdoor Xmas decorations because it was warm out. I refuse to turn them on until at least the 1st of December though! I’m still not ‘Christmassy’ yet. Although all of my shopping is done which is good!

I spent Saturday scouring the countryside for my favorite Celestial Seasoning Holiday tea. Walgreens had them on sale 2/$5 (and one Walgreens had them entered into their computer incorrectly as buy one get one free so it was $2.99 for two!). I got enough to do me for the year if I ration wisely. I may even give a couple of boxes away to special friends….but they have to be VEEEEERRRRYYYY special.

No pics but I am working like a fiend on the peach Christmas socks for Grammie. # 1 sock is almost to the toe. This Yarwool (?) is the finest(as in thin) sock yarn I’ve ever worked with. While it is lovely and soft, it takes forever to get anywhere because it’s so wee! And if one stitch is a little different from his neighbors, it shows up like a skunk in the fog. Hopefully blocking them after I finish will help this.

I am also working on two other Christmas projects that I can’t talk about-so no pics there either. Remember my vow to not make anything for Christmas? Yeah right! What was I thinking?!?!? I just wish I had seen these projects ‘that would be perfect for so and so’ a little earlier in the year! I’m down to the wire again! At least there are two Knit Nights at The Ear in December. This Friday and the third Friday.

And I have this other problem. As soon as I ‘have’ to knit something, even if it’s a self-imposed ‘have’, I can think of twenty seven other projects I want to start-for me! I have to find a way to just settle down and enjoy each project without tearing through one so I can get to another.

Friend-Eli (6) went with me to see Happy Feet on Sunday at IMAX. I hadn’t been to the IMAX before although she was a seasoned pro. There were a lot of ‘scary parts’ in the movie involving seals and orcas chasing the happy little penguins. I really wasn’t expecting that. Probably wouldn’t have been scary on a regular screen, but a 5-story high, 70 foot wide seal is pretty darn frightening I’ll tell you-no matter how cute they are in real life! Friend-Eli solved this by hiding her face until I tapped her on the leg and said it was OK. I just swallowed hard and tried to be brave. I don’t think I’ll be going to IMAX again anytime soon. It really wreaks havoc with my motion sickness/balance problem. It was fun to go once and see what it was all about though.

I’m off. Time to make American Chop Suey for supper, take a short walk (heel is MUCH better and it’s 50-something degrees outside) and settle down for some more peach socks, Celestial tea, and The Bachelor finale.