Monday, November 20, 2006

Cooking Up Some Dinner-One Way Or The Other

So I had this little ‘thing’ removed from my forehead today. Don’t know what it was. Public opinion varied from, ‘I don’t see anything at all’ to ‘I knew your horns would come in some day’. Dr. W. is having a biopsy done on it and will let me know if it is indeed an actual horn. I hope so. What a proud day that will be. There may be photos involved.

So in my ongoing effort to get out of cooking dinner, I tried to bully….eh…that is…gently coax Dr. W. into a turban-esque-whole-head bandage. My plan was to milk this puppy for all it was worth and guilt Mr. Bee in to talking my poor, injured-now-recovering-from-what-must-have-been-major-surgery body out to supper somewhere tonight. Anything that looked less that a full-blown brain surgery was not going to get me even take-out Chinese. But I'm thinking that a bad-WWII-movie-style-bloodied head wrap, possibly accented with a limp, slight cough and a strategically planned swoon or two might do the trick. But he’s a tough cookie that Dr. W.. He saw right through my onion-skin charade. I suspect maybe he has a wife that tries to get out of cooking dinner on a routine basis.

I ended up walking out of his office with one of those little, weenie, round dot Band-Aids like they put on corns. To say I was little insulted, and majorly disappointed is an understatement... unless it turns out to BE a corn. Ooo! I never thought of that! Then I guess it was totally appropriate. But I’m not going to be pacified until I hear that for sure. Until then I’ll be at home... cooking dinner.

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Mum said...

Why, you little devil, you!

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