Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's Good To Have Skills

I just love my job. Just when you think I’ve heard it all, I have a day like yesterday. One of my ‘kids’ came to me and asked for my help. His problem? His computer screen ‘was turned completely upside down’. And you know what? It was! The monitor was upright, but the image? On its head completely! So I poked around and fixed it. Just as I was laughing that weird things like that don’t pop up too often, another ‘kid’ came over and asked for help getting her ‘air pump needle unstuck from her bouncy ball’. No joke. She used exactly those words. She was filling up one of those exercise ball [because the current trend here is to sit on them instead of your chair which amuses me] She finished blowing it up with a bike pump and the needle wouldn’t come out. I fixed that too; two new skills to add to my resume, image uprighting and bouncy ball unsticking. That’s what you get working for scientists. They can split the atom, but they can’t change the toner in the copier….or apparently blow up bouncy balls properly. I guess I can stick around here a few more years. Seems I haven’t heard everything yet and they still seem to need me!


Elizabeth said...

It's good to be useful Molly Bee! I won't tell you the things Mr. SABLE, aka Dr. Science, has been kerflumoxed by over the years!

peaknit said...

Great to feel useful! I love your new skills! Good stuff!:) It really is the simple things!!:)

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