Knitty Nattering and Schooner Fare!

Countdown to Knit Night on Friday night! I’m sure now that it is snowy and miserable, The Sow’s Ear will be really hoppin’. Better get there early if you want a seat! I have a gift certificate just burning a whole in my pocket. I’d like to get some not-funky-colored sock yarn to knit Gram some socks for Christmas. She likes them because the cuffs don’t make marks on her legs, but she isn’t a glitz, glam, stripy, Fair Isle kinda gal. Solid colors…the lighter the better thank you!

I really want to try the scarf that Jerry is doing over his the When Knitting Was A Manly Art blog. Multi-directional and textured! I have the perfect yarn for it, but that probably isn’t a project to take to The Ear on Knit Night since I’ve never tried multidirectional before. I get too involved in being a social butterfly and craning my neck to see who’s coming through the door to actually follow a pattern. Best stick to the socks. I can do those with my eyes closed!

This weekend is the bi-annual open house at Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill in Mt. Horeb too. Friend-Anne and I usually go together. The last three times I’ve gone, I’ve purchased the exact same sock kit! It’s like that Groundhog’s Day movie! I guess I really like that particular pattern! Wish I had time to actually knit it so I would remember it and not buy the same darn kit again! And again! I’ll take a better inventory of my sock kits before I go this time!

Saturday night Mr. Bee and I will travel to the metropolis of Milwaukee to see Schooner Fare in concert. They are a folk duo (used to be a trio-we miss you Tom, sob) from Maine and they sing Celtic and maritime music. The Mister and I play their CD’s in the car and sing along all the way to Milwaukee (1.5 hours) and back. We usually have a build-your-own hamburger at Fuddruckers along the way and then go to the concert. (We’re party animals, me and my Mister!) I always feel like we’re going to see family when Chuck and Steve come to Wisconsin! Plus I invariably run into other misplaced Maniacs in the crowd. Can’t wait!


peaknits said…
Thank you for the head's up on Blackberry Ridge...I feel a "field trip" coming on. I am going to make it to that Friday Knit sometime at the Sow and I'm going to feel like I already know you!! I'll be the quiet one pretending I'm not listening, but I miss nothing - he he! Hope you are feeling better too!!
Jerry said…
The Ribbed Multidirectional is fun, especially with the bulky yarn and large needles I'm using. Goes fast.