The Decision

Deep Breath. OK, I’ve been thinking about this long enough…I’ve made a decision. I made a top-down v-neck cardigan for myself last spring. Once finished (including sewing on the buttons) I discovered that the button band was way too short. It hauled the front of the sweater up. So I did what any good knitter would do. I stuffed it in a bag and put it in storage. I checked periodically to see if the button band had decided that it had been punished enough in the cold and dark, come to its senses, and grown to the appropriate length. It hadn’t. And I checked a lot! Button bands are wicked stubborn that way. So back into storage it went.

All the while this time-honored process was going on, a little voice in my head was planting the seed, “Pssst…if you’re gonna to rip out the button band anyway, why don’tcha frog the whole thing and make the crew neck version from that pattern you got in Maine? You like that version better." [See, that’s the way us arithmetically challenged, folks’ thought processes work. Tearing out a couple of hour’s worth of button band knitting time versus a month’s worth of entire sweater knitting time? Peh! Potato/pah-tahdo. Same thing.] So, after the Christmas projects are done, I will Ripit! Ripit! Ripit and make myself an only slightly already used crew neck cardigan. I ought to finish it just in time for the summer heat like I did the last one! That ought to teach that stupid button band!


Mum said…
You show em, Molly Bee!!!
Elizabeth said…
Make the sweater you really want. You won't regret it!
peaknits said…
Go Molly Bee!! It takes guts to do what you are about to do...I think it could feel very liberating!! Good luck!