Oh The Humanity!!! The Saga Continues...

So Mr. Bee goes to Dr. W. today to have a thing removed from HIS arm. Not only did Dr. W. rat me out about me trying to con him into a big bandage for my tiny head boo-boo yesterday; he bandaged Mr. Bee’s arm up like he had broken it at the shoulder or something. He only has three stitches on his forearm and he’s got this groovy ace bandage thing going on all up his arm. I’ve been hosed! I think they are in cahoots. To add insult to injury, Dr. W sent him home with a roll of the ace bandagy stuff 'in case I want to wrap it around my head’. Hardy Har Har! A little late to get a free supper out of it now! Especially since the jig is up! Revenge is mine sayeth Molly Bee!

I started a pair of socks at lunch today for my Grammie for Christmas. I got the softest, light, plain, peach Jaarwool. No funky stripes for Grammie. Then I got a skein of Trek in yucky browns, tans and greys-boy colors- to make a pair for my brother. Don’t know if he’ll wear them or not, but he tromps around in the snow a lot and if he’d try them he might appreciate the lightweight warmth. We’ll see.

Tonight is off the complete my Christmas shopping. I just have a couple more things. I had the majority done by Halloween. If I don’t get it completely done by Thanksgiving I’ve failed. I can enjoy the season a lot more if I don’t have to don my protective gear and battle the hoards in the stores!


Elizabeth said…
You should nail your doctor for the HIPPA violation. And then tell Mr. Bee since you are both on disability, it's time to eat out!

Hope it was a good Thanksgiving! For some reason, my bloglines subscription didn't pick up your last bunch of entries. Hmmm.