They Never Inhaled I Swear! And Apologies to Stephen King...

I went to the Podiatrist today and the first thing she said is “Wow! Are your arches high!” I couldn’t decide if it was a compliment or not so I took it as one. (Why thank you very much, I’ve worked very hard to cultivate the highest arches in all the land.) Bottom line is that I damaged my heel tendon while I was out Geocaching in April (plantar’s faceitis-sp?) and didn’t do anything about it until now when it is so bad I can barely walk on it. What can I say, I have a high threshold for pain and a low tolerance for the medical community in general! In between I walked like a fiend an hour or so almost every day which she says was very, very Bad (with a capital B) but that my family practice doc says is very, very Good (with a capital G) for me and my diabetes. I guess the only thing to do now is to put them in a ring and let them duke it out while I sit on the sofa with a box of Godiva and watch. I give up.

So I got shoe inserts and a sheet of exercises which I am to do in my bare feet. (This she told me right after she told me to never go barefoot. Confused? Me too. ) And I have roll a bottle filled with ice under my foot a couple of times a day. It all sounds like a rocking good time, but if it helps, so be it.

I wrote an entry on Sunday night that has disappeared. Blogger ate it. Blogger told me it was probably going to eat it when I tried to post it, but I posted it anyway and it lo and behold it showed up on my blog. The next day I got an email from Elizabeth that said something about ‘not being able to post a comment to your latest entry…’ and by the time I had gotten back in to look, it was long gone-not even in my drafts. It’s as if it never existed. Although several people had read it. Hmmm.Twilight Zone weird!

I have received calls from two friends who each have an interesting conspiracy theory. I had mentioned a bad customer service experience at a local grocery store in the missing entry so one friend thinks that the Pick and Save Godfather whacked that entry’s knees and threw it to ‘sleep with da fishes’. The other one is my favorite. I mentioned that I was reading “Lisey’s Story” by Stephen King and that I was loving it and the ‘Little Stevie Wonder King’ sure could write ‘em! My other friend thinks that Stephen, (who we all know is a faithful reader or MY blog) was so upset by the name-calling that he phoned the good folks at Blogger and had them take down the offensive entry. This last one has now become my reality. I’m sorry Stephen! It was meant to be a compliment. Please don’t stop reading my blog!


Elizabeth said…
We probably have the same podiatrist. I have/had plantar fasciitis, too. And I ignored it for years(!!!) before seeking help. The orthotics are wonderful! I have very high arches, too. Eventually, you can do a lot of walking again. Meanwhile, Dr Pietz suggested swimming or biking or other forms of exercise that don't take it out on the feet. I didn't have any hope of ever feeling ok again, but my feet are so much better, I often don't wear shoes with my orthotics in them.
MollyBeees said…
Hey Elizabeth! We have the same podiatrist! She was really nice even though I made fun of her in my blog. I'm going to try biking on this monstrocity of a stationary bike we have in the basement! I'm sure you'll hear about it-it's such a disaster it's blog-worthy!
Shelley said…
I hope your foot gets it something that will go away?

Also, I do hope Stephen wouldn't sink so low as to have your post removed...if that's the case I say we all picket his home and stop reading his books (not that I read his books though) LOL...that'll teach him eh? LOL!

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