When the Going Gets Tough...

It's been a rough couple of weeks around Chez Bee which means there has been precious little housework (even more 'precious-er littler' than usual) and more drawing and crafting.  After help from Friend-Jen on this finorkin' pattern, (Not the designer's fault-I totally over thought the chart to the point of no return.) I've made some headway on my shawl.

Close up of stitches. It's honeycomb but you won't be able to really tell until I block the bejeepers out of it.

This is a horrible shot, but more accurately represents the yarn color. I don't generally wear bright yellow and this yarn, with it many shades, reminded me more of honey and honeycomb than the one on the pattern. 

There's also been copious amounts of doodling. Nothing takes me out of my head and tranquilized my mind-monkeys like a clean sheet of paper and an ink pen.

This is a card I made for my friend Kathy.  The pattern in the upper left is my 'Obad' pattern, and the tree is my 'Cherryfield'. I've been trying to use more of my own pattern in my work. I usually create them and then never use them!

Always dreaming about the sea.  It shows up in a lot of my work,   Tess Carlson Imobersteg's 'Breakers' pattern. Is one of my favorites

I don't know WHERE this one came from! Not my usual style. The gem setting is kind of creepy looking.

My least favorite, although the bottom pattern is mine-'Sherman'.

I don't know where the little people came from. They may be fairies from the garden that Cooper destroyed a couple of weeks back. Are they happy or are they signaling for help?

I tried a grey, Copic Pen for shading. If you look at the top  you can see where it tossed a hairball and I had to make a leaf to cover it. Guess I'll stick to pencil!

And so, although my house could use a good cleaning, I got a lot of other stuff accomplished and made it through the storm that has been my life for over two weeks. The storm is over now but something tells me that the vacuuming still won't be done anytime soon!


Mum said…
Your shawl looks like a complicated stitch...very pretty. Loved the tiles too, especially the one with the people!
Michelle said…
I love the little people, too. They look like me and my frustrations with life, with a much-needed comic spin!
Anonymous said…
I like the gem. And, I think you meant, "leaf", not leave...
Tell BennyBoy "howdy", please?