Saturday Disasterday

Last night was Knit Night with the girls. I went to supper with Friend-Dale Harriet beforehand, which is always a good time. Then there was an excellent band at the cafe-The Soggy Prairie Boys. I'm a Soggy fan for life now! The girls set to work cheering me up and succeeded brilliantly. I couldn't ask for better Knit Sisters!

This morning I had a wonderful brunch with Friend-Janice, to celebrate another successful mission completely around the sun. She doesn't really celebrate her birthday but I'm ever so happy she was born, so I made her go....because it's all about me. We went to Pancake Cafe-yum! We munched, chatted, and  laughed until we cried.

I was in such high spirits and optomistic that I figured I'd keep it going and head on over to Farm and Fleet to look around at the gardening stuff. That's right, I fully intend to torture and kill some veggies in my garden again this summer. I had such a great time perusing all of the little packets, deciding which seeds I would leave in the racks to live another day, and which seeds were coming home with me to be sown and almost immediately dispatched to that Great Green Garden in the sky.  I decided to go easy since, to date, I've only really successfully cultivated lettuce and spinach which are pretty much no-brainers.

I picked out my goodies and a bag of potting soil and went to the checkout. The guy was ringing up my bounty when I stuck my hand in my purse to get my credit card and plunged right into a mass of gooey lipstick that had somehow come uncapped and covered everything inside.  Pleasing Plum isn't nearly as pleasing when it has exploded and gorped all over your cash, phone, cards, and the lining of the inside of your purse! Oi!

I apologized to the cashier and told him what happened.  He gingerly took my card like it was coated with something radioactive. I told him if he got in trouble with his girlfriend when he came home covered in lipstick, to just have her call me and I'd vouch for him, He got a mischievious glint in this eye and touched the card to the side of his neck a couple times. My kinda guy! Jokes on him, though. I didn't give him my phone number.

Once payment was taken care of, I took the small bag in hand, heaved the 20# bag of potting soil over my shoulder and went out to the car. As I was putting everything in the trunk, I realised that there was a couple of pretty good-sized holes in the potting soil and I was now covered with lipstick and copious amounts of dirt,  I looked like I had successfully held up a bank using just a potted cactus, only to have the dye pack in the money bag explode!

I still had another stop to make and didn't want to go home and change.  My errand was at the Sow's Ear, and they have seen me in worse condition, so I just went with it. I have been wanting to make the Liquid Honey scarf from the last issue of Knitty and so I went in last night and got a skein of lace weight, golden-colored yarn. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it only cost me 32 cents since I had a bunch of  points built up on two loyalty cards I had recently found in an old wallet. In my glee, I forgot to use their awesome, heavy duty, yarn winder to cake the yarn up from the skein.  I also needed to buy a 32 inch #3 needle because althought I have a metric ton of needles of all sizes, I don't own that particular one. Of course.

I caked the yarn, which took forever because there's like a million yards of it in a skein.  I turned backto and tried to keep my dirt and lipstick-smeared jacket front hidden from the general populace, but there was nothing I could do about it when I went to the counter to pick up my needles. I sheepishly explained to the casher why I looked like a pig pen and she said that she had heard hard-knocks stories from a lot of other customers that morning. So it looks like I'm not the only one having a Saturday-Disasterday.

Now I'm home, my jacket is in the wash, the contents of my purse have been cleaned off. The purse and offending lipstick (the Plum of which became progressively less and less Pleasing the longer it took to clean up) have been thrown away. There was no hope for the purse.  It was a nice one from Goodwill too! I'm going to sit down, perfectly still, and try to cast on the shawl now and hope that I have all of today's disasters behind me!

How is your Saturday Disasterday going?