Friday, March 18, 2016

Week Of Surprises

This has been a week of surprises, some happy, some not so much...but that's the way life goes, eh? In focusing on the positive, this is one of my favorite 'happy treats' of the week.  Friend-Gail sent it to me from Texas for Pi Day. How cool is that! Can't wait to make a Pi cake! 

Another happy surprise was a bonus from work! Yay! I had a couple of ideas for treats for myself in celebration. I really want a pair of small diamond stud earrings. I also want a mondo set of Prisma colored pencils. Both are spendy and not something I could buy I thought and thought and thought about which to get and finally came to a decision...a Bissel Symphony steam mop.  Do I know how to live it up or what?

One of the not-so-happy surprises of the week was not so much a surprise, since we knew it was coming, but even so, you're never really prepared.  Amy the sheep passed away at Heartland last night. Amy was a gentle old girl. She was 14 years old when she first arrived at the farm and was terrified of everyone and everything. Over the past 4 years, she blossomed. She enjoyed the barn staff and would greet folks with her throaty call when they came in the barn. Her favorite things to do was to hang out with her best friend, Gracie the Goose, and bum bananas. She loved her some 'naners! She was the Grand Dame of the barn!

Heartland took her in from a rough situation and gave her four wonderful years of love and care. When her arthritis pain was no longer manageable, Heartland did the kindest thing and the vet came last night to ease her suffering. As she drifted off to the sleep that would lead her to  endless, sun-filled fields and banana groves where she could roam pain-free, her buddy Gracie was by her side, helping her  friend over the rainbow bridge. Theirs was a true friendship. We should all be so lucky.

I'm sad that Amy's gone, because I will miss her; her punk hair-do, her welcoming call and her gentle kindness, but I know she's in a better place now-one that's pain free.  Thanks Heartland for turning around another sad story.  There have been many and there will be many more. God Speed Sweet Amy!

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