Oh The Humanity!

When my Mum was here last fall, we investigated the Fairy Gardens that everyone is making. Made in pots, wash tubs, wagons, or in your garden, they are wee fantasy scenes involving furniture and houses made out of bark, moss, rocks etc.-some are really elaborate, all are charming.  They remind me of the fairy houses that are in Cathedral Woods out on Monhegan Island, Maine. It's one of my most cherished memories. The forest is all tall trees with no underbrush, and hidden here and there are elaborate little houses made from natural materials. None of the houses are more than 6 inches high-perfect for a tiny fairy couple just starting out or maybe a retired tooth fairy and her husband.
(Picture from Pinterest.)

This weekend there was an article in the paper about them so I cut it out to send to Mum. I told her about it when I talked to her on the phone and she was telling me how she's actually made one for her dining room table already and was looking forward to trying more elaborate stuff this summer. Now, I have the world's blackest thumb. I love plants and flowers, but they wither and die in my presence. [I once killed a plastic plant. No joke*.] But the idea of those little gardens is so enticing...and I do have that aloe plant that is defying the odds and clinging to life....so I went about gathering stuff that I had around the house and set to making my own wee garden to entice the fairies.

I have some little things around the house-not natural so much as just miniatures so I started there. I put down some dried pine needles, installed a wee castle and a tiny tree. I made a road out of tiny gemstones and a  fence out of tooth pics. I even put in two tiny miniature people in that a friend had made way back when. It took me over an hour and  wasn't magic or mystical, but I had fun and it made me see the potential for what could be done in my back garden this summer with more appropriate materials. And then it happened....

The skies turned dark, the thunder rumbled, and the dreaded (and as it turns out extremely untrustworthy) Maine Coon dragon swooped from out of nowhere. He had leveled the castle, disheveled the path, evicted the villagers and was sitting on the tree eating the dried pine needles when I returned from cleaning up my mess. I had forsaken my tiny fairies. I had turned my back for two minutes and disaster had befallen them. I didn't see it when it happened; just the aftermath and devastation.  I imagine the actual event it was akin to Godzilla rampaging through Tokyo.  Oh the carnage! I comfort myself that the development was so new that a lot of the wee folks hadn't truly settled yet. Hopefully they can pick up, dust off and start a new in land that doesn't abide furry monsters with bad attitudes and a penchant for pine needles. Unfortunately for them, HERE there be dragons.

I did have fun with it though and will definitely be making some fairy houses for my outside dragon-free garden this summer.

*I was just finishing up washing dishes and running the disposal when I accidentally knocked a small wooden blueberry rake with fake leaves and berries directly into the disposal obliterating it. It took me days to get all of those tiny beads out of the disposal.