Monday, March 14, 2016

Taking Care Of Unfinished Business

Last Friday before I met the Knit Chicks for the evening, I bit the bullet and cleaned out my knitting bag. It was a disaster. Partial skeins and half-knit socks all jumbled together. Normally I am pretty good about finishing a pair of socks before I start another so I was astonished to find THREE partially knit pairs in there! Whattaheck?!?!? Then I realized that the socks that were left unfinished were either dark colored or had a 'not-plain-old-ribbing-that-I-could-do-without-looking' pattern. We meet at a coffee shop in the evening and until recently, it had very poor lighting. I would attempt to see the dark yarn or the pattern and not be able to so I would start a new pair in a lighter shade with boring old ribbing so I could knit them without looking in the dark of the cafe. 

But now they have new lighting and it rocks! Thanks Tuvalu! So I reorged the knitting bag and started in on unfinished business. This is the first pair I worked on. One sock was already done and I was down to the heel flap on the other. I worked on it at knitting on Friday night, at Amy's Retirement Party on Saturday night, and on Sunday afternoon after I got back from the barn.*

The color is really much nicer than it looks in the picture. I lost the yarn band of course, but since it was a single and in a ball, I think it was probably a Zauberball from Germany. I love's me some Zauberballs! In fact the next pair to be finished is ALSO a Zauberball, but it is double stranded which I am liking better. The singles tend to mat. This one is only a single leg and heel flap but I got the heel turned last night so it's going pretty quickly.  I would like to get all three pairs done by the end of the month so I can start on this Liquid Honey Shawl that I am currently obsessing over. 

It feels good to be cleaning up the mess and to finish a pair in what seems like record time since they are partially done already! And my knitting bag is tidy and loaded with lots more sock yarn just waiting for meet-ups with my Knit Sisters. I love it when a plan comes together!

*I ran out to the barn to attend Quincy's Chicken Meet and Greet, only to find that I had written it in on my calendar on the wrong day and missed it. It was on Saturday. I still got to see the chickens which are the last ones from the MANY that Heartland took in from a cock-fighting ring that got busted last spring. Quincy and her team have done a wonderful job rehabbing, adopting out, and caring for the birds who got a exceptionally rough start in life. Good on ya to the whole team!


Renee Anne said...

I usually wind up going through the yarn bag every time I finish up a project (or two, if they're small), just for my own sanity...or when I'm dragging my big bag around somewhere. Then I clean it out more often.

Barb said...

I just cleaned out my BAGS...plural...a week ago and discovered that I may never, ever, ever need to buy a pair of #4 circulars ever again....sheesh.

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