Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Morning on the Farm

It was a gorgeous, hot, humid morning on the farm this morning. A bit of a breeze riffling through the tall grass made it tolerable. 

Baby the turkey, who normally HATES outside, was even enjoying it this morning

Bob and his new best bud, Mister,talk things over before their next task. 

 The goats and sheep walked through the tall grass to get to the mown golf course part of the pasture and nibbled on the short grass. 

Then deciding that it was too much work for too little reward, they headed back into the meadow where the pickin's were better. 

 Thor faced into the wind and let his eyebrows blow around.
Amy the sheep and Lola Piggita stayed out of the hot sun. They lounged in the cool barn instead. A lady has to keep on top of her complexion you know!

And this little guy paid us a visit, stopping by to munch some of Shimmer the barn cat's kibble and pose for a gratuitous photo op. 
 Unfortunately, it was so humid that my camera lens fogged over and everything came out misty and fuzzy but you get the idea.  Another idyllic morning with the animals!

1 comment:

Renee Anne said...

You are making me miss the Wisconsin farmland. The farms around here (the ones that have cows, anyway) are mostly brown...makes the milk taste weird. ::sigh::

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