Thursday, June 20, 2013

Catching Up!

So much for my great plan to update more regularly. You know how it goes. Just when you think your life is going to settle and slow down....surprise!  Today's post is just a bunch of randomness that has happened over the last couple of weeks. The first of which is the pantry cabinet that I proudly put together all by myself!  I've learned in the past not to put these things together with anyone else. It leads to disagreements and things being put on backwards etc. Honestly, sometimes there are tears.I'm the best direction-reader-put-ter togetherer at our houes so I took two nights and did it all. It got off to a  slow start as I couldn't figure out why our electric screwdriver wouldn't work. It only took 4 minutes and two complete dismantle-ings to figure out it wasn't plugged in. It was smooth sailing after that. 

Hinges and shelving and doorknobs, oh my!
Here is is finally finished. The biggest accomplishment was picking it upright after it was together. 156#! But I figured after 2 nights and getting all of the rest of it myself, I wasn't going to call for reinforcement now! I am freakishly strong as it turns out. 

Scott and Michael were our first supper guests on Saturday night. They brought these lovely peonies. They are beautiful and smelled so great when I came downstairs early Sunday morning to go to the farm.

The farm continues to be a place of profound joy and solace for me, unless I'm being ruthlessly pursued by Mister-the-Goose.  He lost his mate recently and had been in a funk. It does seem to perk him up to sidle up and take a huge hunk out of me whenever he gets a chance. His bites leave these perfectly round bruises we call 'Goose Hickeys'! They take forever to heal! This one is a week old!
Ben likes to sleep in on Sunday mornings. Farm work is not for him overall, but he is doing a nice job wrangling his snuggle buddy, Froggie, in this picture. He was so sleepy he could barely conjure up a dirty look to give me for taking his picture. 

And always, there has been art and knitting here and there. My friend's son, Alexander, sent me this picture yesterday to show me how he is rocking the socks I made him. 

So that's the skiff off the top of the last week or two's events. What have YOU been up to.

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Michelle said...

Heh; goose hickeys. ;-)

Adorable socks, dog and baby!

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