Diva Challenge and The Grub Snuggle Tile

This week's Diva Challenge was to use the pattern 'Birds on a Wire' in a tangle. That's the zigzag with the curl at the top that makes up 90 % of this tile. I love the  pattern but I'm not thrilled with my tile. I couldn't get everything as even as I would have liked to 'cause I was rushing just to get it done, but my rule is to post the first attempt so here it is. 

This is just a tile I did the other night. Bird on a Wire is not in it. I worked on it before bed and when I was done, I looked at it and thought...OMGosh! There are grubs snuggling down the middle of the tile! I totally didn't see it when I was working on it!

Just a short post today to get my challenge entry out. Time is precious this week as I missed life altogether last week, but Ben is having a problem with rabbits so you know there will have to be another post real soon. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Linda Selymes said…
Your first tile is awesome. I think it looks quite even in it's entirety. Love what you put in the center too.
Your grubs tile is very nice, although I didn't see grubs, thankfully, lol.
Susan said…
Your Birds tile is great and your Grubs tile, even better. I wouldn't have thought of it if you hadn't mentioned it.
Both are wonderful!
penguinsandmore said…
Your tiles are beautiful! I can't decide which one I like more.

Amazing work.
Deby Lake said…
I am in awe of the grubs tile, It is so perfect!
Tangle Bright said…
Both of your tiles are nice! Strong shading technique, too. Very pretty :)

Be creative and catch some Happy!

Jacque Solomon
ledenzer said…
So you achieve so much in your first tile that I say bravo!
I like them both, the first one has got a very strong center. The second one is very beautiful.
distangleart said…
I like your design, it is different from many of the others, great composition.

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