Diva Challenge: What Is A Zentangle?

This week's Diva Challenge was TOUGH! You had to create a 'Zentangle' without using any of the patterns associated with Zentangle.  Basically you had to create new ones sort of.  Anyway, it was rough like I said, as evidenced by this piece.

Here are a couple of 'tv watching' pieces I did that I was much happier with!  It's so much more relaxing to use established patterns. And there are so many great ones!

Just when I think things are going to slow down in my life, they just keep getting busier.  Work is busier due to short staffing. I've been having lunch and dinners with friends, working at the barn and still tinkering on the house in between.  That kind of busy is a good busy to have so no complaints!


All of your pieces are beautiful!
Donald Wilka said…
Nice job. I think it is easier to use established patterns.
Yes, beautiful
love the flow
I like the bird in the first one, but I (like you) like the other two more.
Chrissie said…
It is such a challenge this week but your first tile has so many new possible tangles in it.
I like what you did!Love the bird in the corner! But, yes, it is EASIER to create with patterns that are familiar.
ledenzer said…
Now these are some great new directions in patterning!
Aress said…
These are wonderful! I especially like the first one, it's so sweet... I'm a sucker for birds!
Alice said…
i love the second one with the flower petals peeking out :) all your tiles look great - i love the bird up top :)
Sissi said…
Thank you for saying "TV watching" pieces...
I do that often and every time I do I think that's not the right way to tangle *sigh*

For some reason one of your new patterns remind of a piece of Puzzle. Very funny!