Autumn at The Farm

Autumn is my favorite season; the colors, the crisp air, the smell  of fallen leaves, apples and wood smoke. I took some time after my barn shift to just sit out with the sheep, goats and Lola and absorb some sun and fall vibes.

Colors in the pasture

 Bert, Frances and either Maude or a great shot of the manure pile. Sheesh!
 Teddy (left) Bert (right) Bert was my buddy.  I sat on the ground in the pasture and he came over and laid right beside me and stayed for about a half an hour.

 Crystal and colors

Finally, taking their cue from Lola, everyone snuggled in for their afternoon naps so I went home and made sure Ben didn't miss out ongorgeous weather.
Just before I snapped this pic, he was asleep with his head on his turtle.  He always hears the camera and looks! What a ham!

Hope you all had a nice autumn weekend as well!


Michelle said…
At least Ben looks AT the camera – Jackson always looks AWAY!
Mum said…
The pictures are great but still don't do it justice. It's a beautil hillside pasture. So glad I got the chance to go to the barn with you.