I am SO EXCITED. I have been working on this sweater for over two years now. Poor Scott has been waiting patiently as I knitted and ripped the thing a million times. I finally finished it in time for his birthday. I wasn't there when he opened it, but he posted this pic (which I have shamelessly stolen) on FB and it looks like it fits great!
He looks like a male model! Not bad for only my third sweater and my first real foray into cables!!

 I made some grody Halloween treats this afternoon. These are bloody Band aids. They didn't come out so great but folks will get the idea.
 These came out great but are so gross! Dirty Qtips! (Mini marshmallows on either end of a lolly pop stick, dipped in melted peanut butter chips.
 I loaded them up with lots of 'ear wax'.
On both ends! Ewwww!!!

Happy Halloween Tomorrow!


Barb said…
The sweater is very, very impressive and IT FITS!!! Good job. Nice (?) work on the Halloween treats. They look pretty disgusting but I suppose that is a good thing?
Happy Halloween to you, too.
MadCityMike said…
Job well done! Scott is a lucky man to be sure! Great job on the Halloween treats, too......they are so gross that I'd be able to "resist" them..... ;)
Michelle said…
That sweater is an epic accomplishment, the likes of I can only dream of knitting! Congrats to you AND Scott! (Do you want my measurements?)