Pumpkin Procrastination

I had a lot to do last night; laundry, dishes, vacuuming. Yep. Lots of stuff on my list. I got home, fed Ben and took him on a 30 min walk, came back, ate a bowl of soup and got started. Then there was a knock at the door. It was a handsome police detective that wanted to go over the details of a (non-dangerous) incident I witnessed in my building last Monday. He stayed about 20 minutes and by the time he left I was flustered and had lost my mojo.  I dithered around trying to pick up where I left off to no avail, so I did what anyone would do in such circumstances. I sat down and doodled on a pumpkin.  That's what you'd do, right? Right?!
I quickly discovered that my 'perfect, beautiful, pumpkin' was shaped more like a Charlie Brown pumpkin once I got started.
 But I kept going anyway.
And by bedtime, I had finished....

I closed up shop and went to bed only to discover that there was no bedding. The sheets were still in the dryer! Doh! So despite my penchant for periods of pesky, pumpkin procrastination I ended up doing at least something productive after all!


Sara said…
Sweet pumpkin, Melinda! Dry sheets are over-rated anyway!

I doodled on a white pumpkin last year. It turned out pretty cool. I was wondering how we might get it to last a bit longer...shellac, spray-on something, etc., so that it would still be nice at Thanksgiving. Any ideas?
Barb said…
Very lovely. You should have the police visit more often.