Odd Weekend

This weekend just felt really odd and surreal for some reason. For one, I didn't follow my little Rain Man schedules and routines, so time and chores were all out of whack and I saw some of the oddest things...
I covered a barn shift that I don't usually on Saturday. The volunteer who had been keeping Rosie at her home while her boo-boo foot mended brought her back to the barn.
We were awfully glad to see her and her ducky friends were ecstatic. They all huddled and talked over her absence before going out in the yard to go over any changes that had occurred in her absence.
Saturday afternoon I went to Last Saturday Knitting with the Knit Chicks. although I swore I wouldn't do it, I started another secret project and ended up knitting iCord all afternoon.  My Knit Sisters made it more than tolerable! When I got home I put the finishing touches on my entry for the Decorate a Paper Pumpkin contest my dept is having at work.

Sunday morning it was gorgeous but only in the low 30°s at 8:00 when I left for my barn shift. This was sailing right over my house. And I do mean SAILING. It was really moving! I noticed a bunch of folks across the street parked on the golf course. The balloon went over the course at a pretty good clip and everyone jumped in their cars and peeled out after it. I'm guessing it missed its intended landing spot. What a beautiful day for a balloon ride...clear as a bell...but I hope they wore their woolies!
Every other Sunday I go to the local grocer before I go to the barn and see if they have put any outdated product aside for us.  Heady from my rare encounter with the balloon, I was more than surprised to pull in the parking lot and find this huge horn of plenty!  I don't know where the pilgrims are that belong with that thing, but I picture them stomping around Mt. Horeb somewhere like two Puritan Godzillas. They'd have to be what? 30 feel tall?

When we got done with our chores on Sunday, Lola-the-mini-pig decided she didn't want to stay out with the goats in the pasture. She snorted and oinked to be let back in the barn and then she proceeded to toddle down to her 'bedroom' and burrow under her snuggly green blanket and take a nap. Just her little butt was sticking out.

Sounded like a good idea to me, so I went home and did the same...but I tucked my butt in.  You're welcome.

How was your weekend?


Michelle said…
You haven't given me a good chuckle like that in awhile; thank-you!

And I LOVE your tangled pumpkin!