Some Tanglin'

This week's Diva Challenge was a fun one for me.  The challenge was to use only stripes as your foundation 'string'.  I made my stripes into a sort of a 'log cabin' string.  You quilters know what I mean. It looks like this:

 Then I filled it in with new patterns from Genevieve Crabe's weekly roundup last week. There are some really cool ones (as usual). I love the flower border at the top, the coral, the water, the buttons, the coffee beans, the Celtic knot, the bow ties. the olives the one on the left I messed up and created my own tangle.......Uh...oops! That's all of them! Great work you tangle designers! You rock!
After my Zentangle Retreat a couple of weekends ago, I decided to set down and do a piece that incorporated the techniques that we had learned so I'd have a record. The most valuable lessons for me were on shading although you can't tell that here because the scanner really makes a mess of it. The other thing I wanted to try was 'pop-outs'.  Diane Knauff, teacher extraordinaire, had a beautiful piece that she had done where she took one element of the design, enlarged it and shaded it so it looks like it's floating on top of the design beneath it.

As you can see, I met with varying success. But at least it's something to keep in mind and work on in the future.

It was nice to sit down and tangle last night. I have been working on a knitting project that I finally finished on Tuesday night. I'll post pics of that soon, but it sure was nice to get it off my plate. Although, as I was sitting around doodling, I did a quick calculation of how much time I have to get my Christmas projects done....EEEEK. Mittens and socks and jewelry, OH MY! Looks like doodling will have to take a back seat for a while!  How are you guys coming along on your Christmas gifts?


Alice said…
you did some fun stuff here. your string piece is different and fun - i recognized the log cabin right away with your red lines. i'm not experienced enough to pick it up otherwise, though, i don't think. haha! it's a fun tile. and i really like the pop-outs - i need to try that.
katydidsworld said…
Love how you used all the new tangles in your piece. I like the flowers on top too. I'd love to try the pop outs. Looks like fun!
Helen said…
Lovely. Great idea to do a sampler of new tangles. Love that you have incorporated a log cabin string.
Very nice, love your explanation.
Sue said…
I love to read about the process - thanks. Great idea to use Log Cabin as a string. You've intrigued me with the "pop outs" - a concept that is new to me and now I need to look into it. Also a great idea to use new tangles in a sampler and log cabin seems a great string for this. I've learned from your entry - thanks again.