Diva Challenge # 90

Two posts in one day! I did the this week's  Diva's Challenge at lunch today. The challenge was to use a specific string-String # 001- that looks like this:
And 'tangle it! Like this:

This was a quicky for me. I used a sharpie pen which is a little larger than the micro ones I usually use and scribbled it out on my lunch hour so there's not a lot of detail but it provided a much needed stress break.
Thanks again, Diva, for a wonderful challenge!


janas2cents said…
I find it very vibrant. The pattern combination reminds me on some of my children books. Very lovely. :)
ledenzer said…
I love your use of wonderful patterns! I really like the one in the bottom left and can't wait to give it a try!
Yes, your choise of patterns is great! The whole tile if beautiful.
Shelly Beauch said…
Fun! I see your lunch and a lovely tablecloth!
Susan said…
Lively and fun! Perfect for the challenge!
Didisch said…
This is a great ZT. Your shading is beautiful and makes it really pop of the page.
Jennifer said…
Love this tile! It is beautiful and lively and all the more impressive as a lunch hour accomplishment. Kudos.
Alice said…
ah! what fun :) i love the little pea guys with the faces :) and i don't know what pattern that is in the lower left - the round things - love it! what is its name?

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