Tangle Design: Katahdin

I've been working non-stop on my doodling. I wish I had found this stress outlet way earlier in my life! I was working on my art journal and stumbled upon this combination shapes and shading. It really appealed to me; the way the 'sunrises' when placed end to end, made a kind of faceted gem design. I call it' Katahdin' because Maine's highest mountain is the first to receive the sunrise in the morning and though I took it for granted when I grew up in its shadow, I know now what a gem it really is.
Use and enjoy! I'd love to see what you guys do with it!


Very nice. I'm thinking the squares could alternate, too.
Renee Anne said…
I was registered for an art class at UW-Madison a couple years ago and I think he was trying to go for some pseudo-doodling techniques and I think I was the only one that actually understood that. Everyone else went a lot more creative than I did.

My work was called boring and uninspired.

I dropped that class.

Also, I had more fun doodling before that class......but not the way you do :)

I think I'll have to learn.
Unknown said…
Hi. Katahdin is a beautiful tangle. I notice it isn't linked on "TanglePatterns" dot com. I found your blog by googling the name of your tangle only because someone listed the tangles they used in their zentangle. If they hadn't listed the name, I never would have known it, or your blog existed. I'm sure many more zentanglephiles will find your blog and amazing tangle if you contact Linda and link up your directions on that site. Thanks for Katahdin!

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