Disney Day One

Mum has always wanted to go to Epcot at Disney World so after Gram's birthday, we packed our bags and flew to Florida to check it out. We stayed at the Boardwalk Hotel in the park and ate our first day's breakfast outside! In March!

 Then we took the boat over to Epcot and took off for the 'big ball' in the park.
HGTV was sponsoring a flower festival at Epcot so everything was blooming and beautiful; including lagoons full of floating tires filled with flowers....
And a butterfly garden

Our first ride was 'The Land 'where you get on a boat and they float you through the greenhouses where the newest methods in cutting edge aqua and agriculture are being developed. And then it was off to 'Soaring', a ride that makes you feel like you are flying over California.  When you fly over the orange groves, you can smell the oranges!

Next we tackled the dome to ride the Future World ride inside.  The line for the ride was over an hour long so I had lots of time to take pictures of the underside of the dome for future tangle patterns!

Then we stood in an even longer line to see Nemo.  The best part of this ride was the three gulls at the left of the sign out front who sporadically yelled 'Mine! Mine! Mine!' before settling down and looking around for a while.

After we had finished with that part of the park, we strolled around the lake to all of the international pavilions. One of my favorite sections was the British Isles. I blew this photo, but HGTV had flowers planted in big tea cups, complete with tea bag labels hanging down in front of the tea shop.
And animal topiaries all around. This is the Winnie the Pooh gang.

 I also liked the totem poles in front of the Canada Pavilion.

We had a long but fun day. The weather couldn't have been more perfect and we chuckled about the friends we had left up north in the cold and snow, until we later heard that they were enjoying 70° and 80° degree temps as well! What ta???

Day Two: Animal Kingdom and Cirque Du Soliel


Sara said…
What a fantastic trip, and with your mom! That's great! Epcot's on my bucket list for someday, hopefully soon.
Michelle said…
I've never been to Epcot, only Disneyland in CA (mostly YEARS ago). Your post makes me want to see it; looks like lots of neat things, not just rides!