Molly Bee and the Asthmatic Orca Orchestra

I'm babysitting my friends' dog, Brinkley this week. Bentley LUVS his old buddy Brinks and the two of them have been having a blast since Brinkley arrived yesterday. They are play-pals and snuggle-buddies and do everything together. It wasn't until this morning that I realized that they are also cahoot-ers and I am woefully outnumbered!

Ben found SpongeBob Squarepants rubber ball in the garage a week or so ago. He has loved it so hard that it can no longer rightfully be called a ball.  It's more like some scraps of rubber loosely associated into a orb-like structure.  Pitiful as he is, SpongeBob has been the belle of the ball (get it?) as far as the dogs are concerned. They spent most of last evening playing 'Hey! Look over there!' and then stealing it from each other. At bedtime I put it away because, and Ben and I have had this discussion for a week now, Bob is, quite frankly, disgusting. I know sponges are supposed to be wet and gooshie, but waking up with it in the middle of your back in the night is no fun! I'm sure this doesn't sit well with Ben OR Bob but I have to get my way sometimes, don't I?

4:45 this morning came early. I heard the boys playing and scuffling in the 4 foot square area that is my boudoir floor. I peeked out of one squinty eye so as not to let anyone know I was awake yet, and discovered that Ben had somehow liberated Bob from the dresser and he and Brinks were having a fine old time playing with him. All was well until Bob made a break for it and sought asylum under the bed.  The frenzied pawing, high pitched squeals of frustration, grunting, huffing and sneezing made it sound and feel like a large pod of asthmatic orcas were trying to surface under my mattress ... during a rather sizable tsunami.

Sighing, I got up and wrangled Bob from his hiding place, threw him to the wolves...literally... and stumbled into the bathroom. When I came out a couple of minutes later, it was quiet....toooooo quiet.  I looked and both dogs were curled up asleep on the bed. I went to get my camera but unfortunately  the camera is dangerously close to where breakfast is served and so they got up for that! Here is a picture of them later on the sofa though...

I got them fed and walked and got myself showered and ready for the day.  When I went back into my room to get dressed, I found this guy snuggled in next to my pillows.

Well played, SpongeBob Squarepants.  Well played. 


Sara said…
You tell such good stories...Post every day, please....
Alice said…
aw! they sound like a lot of fun! haha! we have a chocolate lab - i think he'd fit right in at your house :)
This post made me laugh so much!
terri browne said…
Brinkley misses Aunt Min and his buddy Ben!!! :)

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