Monday, October 24, 2011

Wild Weekend

Friday night was Knit Night at the Sow's Ear. I am knitting and have been knitting but not posting about it because Hristmas-cay Is-ay Oming-cay.  Shhhhh!  The Naughty Girls' ranks were down but we rallied the best we could- telling dirty jokes and irritating the others around us. Business as usual but it just wasn't the same. Jen and Bethie were sorely missed!

Saturday morning found me out at the farm loading the Nigerian Dwarf goats into the back of a pickup truck to take to Mounds Pet Food Warehouse to promote Heartland's upcoming Barn Dance. Diana is about 50 # and jumps into the back of the truck easily. If not, I don't have much problem lifting her. Clark who is somewhere between 70# and 80#...not so much.  It was all I could do to lift him onto the tailgate-both coming and going. It wasn't pleasant for him or me. Note to self: build ramp.

Sarah bravely drove the goat-laden truck over to Mounds and we set up shop inside the store from 10AM-1PM.  The kids went crazy for Clark and Diana.  That's always a  given.  What I didn't expect is how nuts the adults went over them...and the dogs! The adults turned into mush, baby-talked, scritched ears and made kissy faces at them.  And I thought we would spend all morning comforting quaking goats; imagining dogs growling and lunging at them, but it was the opposite. The dogs wagged and sniffed and kissed them.  Clark and Diana sucked up the love and returned it with sniffs, kisses and gentle headbutts of their own. It was so much fun even though I spent most of the morning picking up goat poo and mopping spilled water and potty accidents.  Next up we're taking them to the Children's Museum downtown on November 5th.  And Sonny and Phil, my two favorite roosters are tagging along too! I can't wait. Life is a zoo, you might as well provide your own animals for entertainment!

Saturday night, I was supposed to go to a corn maze after dark with a bunch of friends but didn't get to go. I totally forgot I promised my neighbor that her golden retriever could come over for a doggie slumber party as a trial run for when he stays with us over Thanksgiving weekend. It's probably for the best. I'd probably still be in the maze yelling 'MARCO' over and over; never hearing 'POLO' and  never to be seen again until the corn died completely away at the end of the month.

Ben largely ignored my neighbor's dog once he discovered that Brett was so submissive that he wouldn't play tug-of-war with him.  If Brett had the toy and Ben picked up the other end, Brett immediately dropped his end and rolled over. Ben kept running over to him with a toy in his mouth but couldn't convince Brett to take the other end no matter what he did. Finally he gave up and just let him be.  Brett curled up with me all evening and then slept with me on the bed.  Ben slept in the living room. Nothing like when Brinkley comes to visit and they both play together and then spoon in on my bed while they rest up.  But at least they didn't hate each other so Thanksgiving ought to go just fine.

Got cow? Come and play with mine, Brett!
Sheesh! Is he a downer, or what?! I wish Brinkley was here!

Sunday, more farming and I worked on a tote bag commission and got sucked into a 'Real Housewives of LA' marathon on Bravo.  It was mostly a Kyle/Kim Richards fest. I had such fond memories of Kim in the Witch Mountain movies. Yeah.  Those memories are gone now, replaced with the image of her as a burnt out meth addict.  Thanks Bravo.  Someone please shoot me if I watch 'reality' TV again!

Anyway, here's the commissioned tote:
The customer wanted a tote for her mother who likes Scrabble, baking, books, family, cardinals and quilts.  Can you find all of them on there? (Click to biggify.) It was fun to do, but I was a little leery with the finished product because I don't normally draw 'things' just patterns and stuff. I gave it to her today and she seemed pleased with it.

Here is the other one that I promised to post once the owner had it in her hands. Dale's husband, Paul came to the Sow's Ear Show and wanted me to make Dale a wallet size bag with a cat theme. 


She seemed to like it when she got it on Friday night.  Now I only have four more commissions left to work through. Hopefully I can get two done this week since one of them is another wallet sized one. I don't know why I think it is quicker to do those because they are smaller. Since they are the only bags that are doodled on both sides, they are as large, drawing space wise, as a 3 pocket bag, or 1/2 of the largest tote I do.

On Sunday I go to the Sow's Ear to pick up my remaining inventory. The owner has another show coming in in November so I'll bring my stuff home and set up my Etsy shop. For those of you who aren't in the Madison area and have asked for a bag, the shop should be live by Wednesday of next week. I'll post when it's up and running.

Speaking of running, I'm off to do more doodling! Later!


Sara said...

What a Busy Bee you are! Congratulations on getting Commissions! You are fantastic!

Kitty Mommy said...

Missed being at Late Night! I will need the Cliff Notes version when I get back!

Barb said...

My comment vanished...will try again. I wanted to say again that your doodling talent is are soooo creative!! Great work.

terri browne said...

Oh, Brinkley misses the spooning!!!

Your bags are beautiful Melinda! I'm glad your show went well.

GirlAnachronismE said...

Wow, i love the bag that actually has things on, it's just as lovely, if not more so, than your others =) That cat one is also gorgeous, I love how you incoperate the cat into the doodles so well

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