Thursday, October 27, 2011

Farm Photos

I have more bag and pumpkin photos to post, but I thought I'd break it up a bit today and show you pics of my two favorite boys at the Farm:. I didn't take these picture which is why they are so good. They are from the farms Facebook site. I encourage you to click on them to biggify.

This is Sonny.  Lore has it that the entire sanctuary started with Sonny. The owner got him when he was a chick and raised him in her house.  He is quite the people person, in that he LOVES people AND he thinks he IS one. He follows us all around the barn and loves to be picked up, cuddled and talked to.  I never thought much about barnyard birds until I met Sonny and realized that they all have their own, distinct personalities. Sonny was my main man until very recently when I found my snuggles and attention divided between him and ...
PHIL!  Phil was an urban chicken who was supposed to be a girl (hence his name "Phyllis Diller").  The family he was with treated him like a pet and cuddled him a lot. They were very sad when he grew up to be a rooster which the city ordinance prohibits-hens only in town for noise reasons.   So Phil came to live at the farm. He loves snuggles even more than Sonny (although Sonny gets wicked jealous when I'm holding Phil so he stomps around all puffed up and pouty until it's his turn).

I love these two pics of Phil.  He stands up as tall as he can to 'talk' to people, then settles back down a little more 'lump-like' when he's chillin'.  He reminds me of the Snerfs  on the Muppets. (Kudo's to you if you know what that means before you click on the link and watch the video.)  Phil likes it when I sit on the steps with him in my arms and rock him in my arms. He tucks his head down the the crook of my elbow and drifts off to sleep. What a cutie.

Phil and Sonny  are such social creatures that they have been chosen, along with Clark and Diana, the mini goats, to be sanctuary ambassadors at the Children's Museum on November 5th from 1-3PM.  Stop on by and meet my little buddies!  We'd all  love to see you!


Susan said...

Love this post. I had never thought of a rooster as a pet, much less one that could be cuddled. I learn something new everyday in "blog world".

GirlAnachronismE said...

Wow, Phil looks amazing, I've never seen a chicken which looks like that before! And Sonny is very cute too, so he doesn't feel left out!

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