It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

So the MollyDoodles Tote Bag Show is over and you thought I'd stop talking about them finally didn't you? That's one of the things I love most about you; your Charlie Brown 'please-let-me-kick-the-football-again' positive attitude. Nay I tell you! It's still all totes all the time at Chez Bee! Now I'm working on the custom orders that I got after the show!

Here is one I finished last night for Brenda. She took pics of several bags and pointed out the aspects she liked most about each bag and then asked me to combine them on a 3-pocket model. The pic looks kind of yellow because I took it right after I finished it in the dark at middle-of-the-night o'clock.  But if you click on it to biggify, you can see the details.

I finished another one on Monday night but can't post a pic of that one until the owner sees it. It's a wallet size one with a specific theme. So guess what?  Probably another tote bag entry tomorrow!* 

*Several of you have expressed a wish that I update my blog more often. Pretty food example of  the 'be careful what you wish for' rule, eh?!


Pat said…
Post pics, post pics, even if it's mine and I haven't seen it!
Your bags are amazing! I have bag envy...
Susan said…
What a great idea. This is beautiful.

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