Sunday, October 09, 2011

Up The River Without a Paddle

I am happiest on a boat; speed boat, leaky dingy, rubber raft, doesn't matter. One of my very parts of summer is going for boat rides on Mattawakmeag Lake in Maine. This summer, my Uncle Donn took us up the lower lake and up into the river for a ride on a gorgeous day in September. (Double click on the pictures to biggify-it's worth it!)
Uncle Donn and his first mate, Aunt Marion
 Top of the lake nearing the mouth of the river.
 Just inside the mouth of the river.
 I love the reflection in the still water.
 River Bend
 Double clouds-above and below
 Wasp nest on the side of a tree right on the water.
 Good Fishin' Hole!
 Headed for home
The mountain in the distance in Mays Mtn.  The lake sits in a bowl at it's foot.  Heaven on earth!

Next Time: Mollydoodles Totes!

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Sara said...

Incredible photos, Melinda! You must miss is so beautiful.

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