Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'd Like to Thank The Academy!

Renee Anne over at Confessions Of A Yarn Addict bestowed the above award on me this week. (Check out HER blog! It's got everything; yarn, babies and great narrative!) Squeee! As a blogger I love comments and recognition and this one is really cool...the deal is that by accepting the award I must:

1. Thank the blogger who presented it to me and link back to their page. (Thank You Renee Anne!)

2. Share 7 things about myself.

3. Pass this award to 15 newly discovered blogs.

OK, # 1 was a cake walk.  #2. Not so much.   I'm all about the sharing so ya'll know all of my deep dark secrets already. Telling you 7 things you don't already know may be tough, but I'll give it a shot...

1. I bonked my head hard at the farm last night and literally saw stars.  See! You didn't know THAT because it just happened. I misjudged my staggering height (5'2") and stood up quickly in the chicken coop, which I had just crawled into on my knees. Apparently, I'm not particularly bright, and now I'm really not because of the brain damage from a 2x4 rafter I connected with . So this incident provides you with a twofer here.  Fact 1:She's not bright. Fact 2: AND she's clumsy!

2. I've been in accidents in just about every motor vehicle I've ever been on; motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, car, moped. In most cases I wasn't driving either. I should just stick to walking, but, per factoid number 1, that hasn't proven to be a bulletproof safety plan either....especially walking the the winter.  

3. When vacuuming,  I've been known to pick the same piece of stubborn fluff off the carpet and put it back down up to 5 times to give to give the vacuum a another shot at it. It's only fair. That's  its job and it shouldn't be put back in the closet feeling like a failure.

4. When I was younger, I hiked the tallest cliffs on the East Coast. It was a great joy to stand on the very edge of  Monhegan Island and look doooowwnnnn at the churning sea. Now I get vertigo going up the backless stairs at work.

5. I don't know if this classifies as  flighty or fickle or just simple ADHD, but if I'm drawing I want to knit. If I'm knitting, I want to spin. If I'm spinning, I want to make pine baskets. If I'm making baskets I want to bake. I'm always thinking about the NEXT thing.  Except when I'm doing housework...then I consistently want to take a nap.

6. I sometimes pitch the business end of a hissy fit when I receive really bad customer service. Being in the customer service field for years, I know what is acceptable and what's not.  My Hiss's fit will be professionally delivered , probably to the manager, but these situations are ones  in which  I consistently stand up for myself.

7. I recently discovered that there is an actual number dyslexia called 'Dyscalculia'.  This explains a lot of my mathy problems over the years. I NEVER get a number right.  If the number is 342, I might say/write it as 243 or 432. Telephone numbers, street addresses, zip codes-all a crap shoot. Accounting doesn't make sense to me at all. It's all number salad.

8.  (Which explains why I am making a number 8 when there are only supposed to be 7 things.) I laugh in the face of rules!

And now for some new blogs that I have discovered and are worthy of this honor.

  1. That Artist Woman (Beautiful Art)
  2. Tracy's Culinary Adventures (Yummy recipes and lots of photos)
  3. Celebrate Possibilities (Beautiful Art and Fun Things To Do)
  4. The Intangible Blog (A completely hand drawn blog!)
  5. The Barefoot Crofter (Knitting, Scotland)
  6. Life On The Farm (Knitting, Farm Life, Great Writing)
  7. Tangled Ink (Zentangle Goodness!)
  8. Kass Hall (Artist, Writer, Photographer)
  9. My Rainbow Elephant (Doodles, Sketches and Scribbles)
  10. The Doodle Daily (Art)
  11. When Did I Become a Knitter (Knitting, great writing)
  12. At Home With Us (Knitting, Recipes, Farm)
  13. Today I Am (Knitting, Family, Crafting)
  14. Tangle With Me (Tangles)
  15. My Life in a Maine Campground (Fiber crafts and Coastal Maine Life)
There you have it. Thanks again Renee Anne for the award and the fun blog pondering opportunity!


Donovan Beeson said...

Thanks Molly. I don't really have it in me to do the rest of the requirements, but thanks all the same.

The Barefoot Crofter said...

Thank you so much for this Molly! Nice to find your blog. Your factoids were very funny. xxx

Renee Anne said...

I fully agree with #5 because I'm the same way, especially when it comes to wanting to nap as I'm cleaning. It's not so easy with Little Man, however.....someday, when he's old enough to understand that mommy needs a nap and doesn't want to clean. Or not.

Doodle Daily said...

Thanks so much Molly. So glad you like my daily dose of doodles. I post new ever day on "The Doodle Daily" What a cool site you have. I will be stopping by often.


Keri said...

Thank you so much! What a lovely surprise!

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