Weekend Update

I had the best of intentions of starting a new knitting project this weekend but time got away from me. I puttered happily 'round and 'round in circles  for two days.  Saturday I went to lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in almost a year. She brought two friends and their 3 children. OOOEEE!  Cheeseburger in Paradise was not prepared for our party. It was good to catch up. 

Afterward, I trotted over to Michael's Crafts to buy some of the spendy pens I like since I had a 30% off on my entire order coupon. The best laid plans to run in, nab the nibs and run out met with disaster when I saw the watercolor tables were BOGO and the fixative that will keep my pencil shadings from shading everything BUT my drawings was right there...  Sigh.

I went to World Market next to pick up Easter treats for friends and the line was 20 people long-no exaggeration.  I thought maybe I had spent so much time (and $) in Michael's that it was Black Friday already.  It would have been OK if they had had more than one line open. I won't stand in a long line if the store has an opportunity to do something about it and doesn't. You know me and bad customer service. There are plenty of other stores with Easter treats willing to take my cash.

Saturday night I went to Denny's with friends Steve and Joey T. I wasn't uber hungry so I ordered their pancake thingies.. they looked like donut balls. Meh. It was nice to catch up with the boys. I hadn't seen them in a few weeks. They are both big sweeties.

I had plans to go to Pewet's Nest on Sunday to see what it looks like in high water, but life intervened and I didn't go. Ben and I spent a good amount of time outside in the afternoon, walking and deck sitting. He found a stick as big as he was so I hauled his dog bed outside (can't make him lay on the cold concrete and his sofa was too heavy to get out the door by myself!) and he contented himself with whittling the branch down to a more manageable size while I finished up several library books I'd been working on.  I highly recommend any of them if you're looking for good reads:

  • A Discovery of Witches-Deborah Harkness (Awesome! Reminded me of Diana Gabaldon's Highlander series-only with vampires and witches and it's the first in a trilogy)
  • I'll Sing You Home-Jodi Picoult (About infertility, music therapy and marital relationships).
  • Tiger Tiger by Margeaux Fragoso (About a girl's relationship with her pedophile. Disturbing but well told and very interesting)
  • Numbers by Rachel Ward (about a girl who sees peoples 'expiration dates' when she looks at them

Last night I doodled and watched a BBC DVD that I had on loan from the library; 'Shakespeare Retold-Volume 1'. On this disk was a modern retelling of 'Much Ado About Nothing" and Macbeth." I loved ' Much Ado', but 'Macbeth' went too far a field  for me with it's Gordon Ramsey-esque restaurant setting and garbagemen ghosts.

See I told you I covered a lot of ground, all the while getting very little accomplished, but it was a relaxing couple of days which I needed to contend with this upcoming week full of Cirque de Soliel and work functions. Then it's Knit Night and Last Sat. Knitting.  Maybe I'll get that new project started after all!


Sara said…
Wow....That's all that I have to say. If I had a blog, there wouldn't even be one word for this weekend. Good thing that you write and I read, eh?
stART said…
WOW! I'm tired just reading about this! But what lovely fun you'll have with your art supplies...*G*