Viva Las Vegas-Day One

Actually Day One was Day Two because we didn't get into Vegas until 10:30PM-T.I. Hotel at 11:30 which was 1:30 central time so we just crashed. We were raring to go the next morning and toured the Fashion Mall, The Encore, The Wynn Hotel, The Palazzo,  The Venetian and The Mirage.  We had front row seats to Cirque de Soliel: Mystere at 7PM and then Siren Show at our hotel.

 My favorite things of the day were:
The waterfalls at The Wynn

The Venetian Shops complete with a ceiling that looks like the sky and changes depending on the time of day, and canals with gondola rides .
This couple had just gotten married. The priest is still in the boat.
Sigfried and Roy's Dolphin Research and Tiger Sanctuary at The Mirage

Mystere was AMAZING.  So much going on! Colors, lights and shiny things. I was in heaven. It was very funny too with lots of audience participation. It was a very full day but so much fun. We caught the pirate/siren show at 9PM and then hit the hay  in preparation for Day Two.
To Be Continued...


Anonymous said…
I wish I was there. Much more now then when Tom & I were there some years ago. That is truly one of my favorite places to go. Can't find anyone around here who is interested in doing stuff like that. Have a ball, which sounds like you are doing. Gail
Anonymous said…
You two kids are doing it the right way.. We are VERY happy for you.. XO to both of you...Uncle Tom
Michelle said…
Did I miss something? Like, big? Like, are you getting MARRIED?!? Uncle Tom's comment is making me wonder!