Viva Las Vegas: Day Two

 We hit the ground running on Tuesday. We went to the discount ticket place to buy tickets for the show we would attend that night and then started touring hotels. We took the bus to the other end of the strip and started with Mandalay Bay. 

We went to the Shark Reef and Aquarium there, had lunch and then toured the Luxor.

What an engineering feat that is!

Then it was off to The Excalibur, Monte Carlo:


New York New York
MGM Grand

Which has a lion sanctuary...

Then we walked to The Rio for our show. Everyone kept telling me that things are farther away then they look and they weren't kidding. Turns out the Rio is on the other side of a major highway.  Getting there was much like playing the amphibious role in the old Frogger video game but we made it just in time to see....

Chippendales! That's right. Not as prim and proper as I look am I?  It was fun and very campy.  I got kissed by one of the guys who came into the audience. They didn't allow pictures so I had to obtain proof. Here is a tshirt that I ripped off that is to say,  that one of the other guys ripped off and threw to me.  Everything else that happened at the show is a secret...what happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas...

We were smart and got a cab home after the show and fell into bed exhausted.  We literally walked from 9am to 9pm that day!
To Be Continued...


MoBea said…
fun, fun and funny! I did the ...'dales show in Vegas as well ;P what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Loved your blog today!

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