Home Again Home Again Jiggidy Jig

Our flight didn't leave until 3PM and we didn't have to be out of the resort until noon, so we spent the morning on the casino floor playing pennies. Despite the fact that we tried to play a slot machine or two in EVERY hotel we toured, we both came home about even which was nice. Our biggest wins were in the neighborhood of $80-100 except for this one:
Vegas was a blast. Everyone told me that it would be fun but that you only need to go once. I totally disagree. I loved it and would go back any time.

Next up...I Love Paris in the Springtime!


MadCityMike said…
I haven't been there but when my sister went, she rented a 4 wheeler and was part of a guided tour ride that went out into the desert. Perhaps you would want to plan on something like that next trip out to add yet another experience?
Glad that you had such a great time!
terri browne said…
Wow, what a fun trip! Looks like you had great weather, too. I also love Vegas and would definitely go back!