I Love Paris In The Springtime

The day after we got home from Vegas, we rested up for our big trip to Paris on the weekend. We drove there.  No, I don't have water wings on my car; Paris IL where my brother and his family live. 5.5 hours down in the haze and clouds  then it was 80° and sunny when we got there. Their magnolias, cherries and tulips were all blossomed and springy.

We got to see beautiful niece, Kelsey, in her prom gown.  We went to see her in the Grand March at the High School gym before she left for dinner and then we spent the evening with my brother, BubberKev, and his lovely wife, Shiela. We ate Monocal's Pizza, which I'd never heard of but is awesome, and played dominoes.[Aside: I always play dominoes when I go to Maine, but by the time I get back here and think to ask folks over to play, I've forgotten the rules.  If you are a Mexican Train player, call me while the rules are still fresh! It's wicked fun!]

Sister Shiela too us shopping at Goodwill in Paris and I brought back a brand new $180 Fossil purse for $4.99. Mum brought back the flu. We have to face a discussion on how to shop.
We went out to breakfast at 7AM on Sunday and were on the road for the long drive home at 8AM to beat the nasty weather we were supposed to get in Madison in the late afternoon and evening. Turns out we didn't get it, but they got hammered just north of us so I'm glad we left early.

Mum spent the next three days coughing and hacking and trying to recuperate enough to go home on the plane this morning. I think it would have taken quite a lot to make her stay. She's on death's door but she misses her cat...you do the math.

Now I need a vacation from my vacation!  What have YOU been doing?