Viva Las Vegas: Day Three

We decided to take a more sensible approach to Day Three and The Bellagio and Caesar's Palace. The Conservatory in the Bellagio was amazing
 The Carousel

Poppy Lane
 A 'painting' made out of flowers
 A class greenhouse full of butterflies.

 Dozens of Daffodils
 Tons of Tulips

 A Sweetheart Tree and a Ferris Wheel...
Flowery cranes in the fountain and a water tunnel.

This was the amazing fountain in front of Caesar's.

 I even ran into Elvis in our travels!

We had a nice buffet dinner and  then went to Freemont Street for the evening. It was like Madison's State Street on steroids; shops, saloons, gentleman's clubs, casinos, live entertainment, celebrity impersonators (I saw Michael Jackson, Austin Powers, Stevie Wonder and Prince) and even a zip line that ran the length of the entire street. Plus the entire street is covered by a curved television screen (two blocks long) which plays a music video show on the hour every hour. It was pretty wild! Too dark to take pictures though

All too soon it was time to go back and pack for our flight out the next day.  To be continued....