Olbrich Christmas

In my desperate bid to locate my Christmas Spirit, I went to Olbrich Gardens with friends on Saturday before the big blizzard hit. They have a special train and poinsettia room this time of year.

Lots of poinsettias, amaryllis and trees. There is a train track that runs around the whole room through the foliage.

Cool birdhouses. This one was my favorite with a deer antler perch.

The cardinals are origami! There were origami blue jays and other winter birds tucked everywhere.

There were also some lovely gingerbread houses

I couldn't decide if this birdhouse was a lighthouse or a salt shaker, but either way, I liked it!
After getting a good dose of Christmas, we went into the tropical conservatory where we saw real birds, and basked in the moist tropical heat.
Cheery canaries
A plethora of quails
Koi fish
Tropical cousin Itt plant

Quite a welcome contrast from the blizzard that was to strike a couple of hours later!
Next Up: Snowpocalypse 2010


MadCityMike said…
Don, Claire, and I were at Olbrich on Friday afternoon. I love walking through the lower section of the conservatory (it's a little cooler down there). It is a perfect place to be when it is cold/snowy outside.
Cindy G said…
I always love the little quail scurrying around in the conservatory. Fun pictures. I'm especially taken by the origami cardinals.

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