Sporadic Posting

Sorry for the lapse in posts lately. I have a brace on my right wrist to combat some tendinitis so typing is ouchie right now. Seems writing 200 Christmas cards, knitting a cable sweater, playing guitar (however badly) and 20 extra hours of computer work a week is destructive to ones wrist joints. Who knew?

Anyway, I promised to tell you about my new super power and I know you've been waiting on pins and needles (Needles! Get it knitterly friends?). I often send my scientists out to different places to do talks, seminars, instrument installations or trade shows. When they go, I make them a little travel packet that has airport maps, area maps, hotel information, weather etc. for each city they'll be in. I was making one for one of my kids who went to Maryland a couple of weeks ago. One of the pieces that goes in the packet is a list of the 10 closest restaurants to the hotel and I noticed that one of the restaurants was a place called 'Cheeburger Cheeburger' (like the old Saturday Night Live sketch). I jokingly told her that she'd better not come back to the office without a t-shirt from that restaurant!

The next week I come in to the office and there on my chair is this:

Holy Crap! I had no idea. I wielded this kind of power! Imagine! Being able to prohibit people from returning to their job without first laying an offering to the alter of ME! With great power comes great responsibility so I'll have to use it wisely. Next person that goes out on a trip hadn't better show up without a Lambergini and a box of See's Chocolates! And a hedgehog. And M&M's but only the green ones....

Anyway... over the next several days I'll post some pics I've had kicking around and save the wear and tear on the hand. Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season!!!


dale-harriet said…
Oh my DEAR!! And I don't even think Jewish Mothers' homemade Chicken Soup will help with that! Well...rest, and keep off your hands - thank heavens the break-dancing competition was put off until April! (She wonders off mumbling "tsktsk owieowieowietsk tsk tsk")
Sara in WI said…
Wowie! You have some super power, Girl! Just remember to use it carefully and...Be careful what you wish for! (Enjoy the reading-filled weekend...and NO typing!)
MadCityMike said…
Oh oh....just a word of warning.....when you wear your new tee shirt....someone is bound to shorten the name and begin talking about Chee-Chee's.......that's all I'm say'in......
Cindy G said…
Hmmm, I think that info packet could use a listing of area LYS's.

Love the cardinal.

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