Maine Christmas

The smell of apple dumplings is wafting in from the kitchen. A 'snow globe' snow is swirling outside and I am settling into winter life in Northern Maine. We have been making the rounds visiting friends, getting some last minute Christmas shopping done, and cooking. Evenings are spent knitting, reading or playing games. It's just the respite I've been needing after the last few months.

I spent the other morning down to Grammie's. I addressed some Christmas cards for her. At 98, her hands shake and she is embarrassed by her handwriting. I think it's fine, but it gave me a chance to spend time with her. We made fudge and visited. 98 years old. It boggles the mind.

We went upcountry to Mapleton to see friends, Gloria and Dwight last Saturday. They have an absolutely stunning house that sits way up on a hill. You can see forever and ever from up there. I tried to get them to let me move in. I told them I could just stay on the sofa and admire the view and they'd hardly know I was there. Notice that I am writing this from back at Mum's house. Sigh.

Mum's big herd of deer isn't out back this winter yet. The snow hasn't been deep enough or the air cold enough for them to yard up yet. There is a group of 4, two does and two yearlings that we see in the dooryard and neighboring fields. They are big and healthy looking. Let's hope the winter is kind to them.

I got an email from Ben today. Apparently he has set up his own email address. I KNEW he was smarter than he let on. He said that he is having a good time with his buddies back home while I'm here. I miss him a lot. I have the bed all to myself and am WAY too drool free.

Hope all is going well back there and that everybody is healthy, happy and reasonably sane during this holiday season!


MadCityMike said…
Glad to hear that you are able to knit as you've mentioned some problems with the wrist(?).
Enjoy your time with family and have a wonderful Holiday!
Cindy G said…
Good to hear from you. Stay cozy!
terri browne said…
I should have Brinkley set up an email address. They could be pen pals!

I'm glad your trip to Maine is going well. And maybe you will have a white Christmas after all!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
That Ben!