Despite the upcoming holidays, I've been in a rut so deep I could hang up posters. Work, work, and more work, cold, cold, cold and more cold, and the wrist injury that prevented me reducing stress by knitting have combined into a one-two-three-martial-arts move that has leveled me the last couple of weeks. I need a serious break....
The good news is that I finally regained wrist control as far as knitting goes (still iffy on the guitar playing much to my neighbors' and Ben's delight) and I've been able off and on on this:

It's St. Enda by Alice Starmore. I spent a frustrating hour trying to find some sign of it on the interwebs before realizing that it's not St. EDNA! But anyway. It's kind of fun, and I really like the way the Blackberry Ridge yarn pops the cables.

Ben's going through a bit of a rough patch these days too. His feet get so cold when he goes outside that he tries to run around on three legs, holding one foot off the ground to keep it warmer. That doesn't work so he tries holding up 2 at a time. His personal best was a brief nanosecond when he may have actually levitated just before crashing to the ground. His solution is to do his business outside as quickly as possible and let Sheldon warm his feet.

" Sheldon, please warm my feet with your sheepy wooly goodness."

'Oh, that's better already...'

'Ohh it feels so good!'

Not an outdoors-in-the-winter kinda guy, our Ben. I can relate. Now we're off to make some treats for the neighbors to warm things up around here. May you all be safe, warm and happy!


Michelle said…
Oooooh, that cable work is GORGEOUS! I am feeling the need to search the webs for that myself (I'll make sure to spell it right). I think Ben needs a heating pad....
Kitty Mommy said…
Gaw-geous cables there woman!

Poor Ben. Mollie goes out and sniffs like crazy for a couple of minutes and then tries to tell me that her feet are too cold to do her business.
Cindy G said…
I'm in awe! The cable work is phenomenal.

Have you ever tried doggy boots for Ben? (Something tells me he wouldn't take to them, but who knows?)
Elizabeth said…
Great work on that aran! Your friend better be grateful! I'm glad your wrist is recovering. Don't overdo it.
Barb said…
If you can knit that with the doldrums (!)....WOW. Ask Ben to share Sheldon with you. Ben looks like such a sweetie; a content, warm sweetie in the last picture. :o)

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