Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Spirit

I've been woefully depleted in the Christmas Spirit department this year, but I did have one small spurt of inspiration last Friday night.

I made Caramel Corn. Then I packed it up and parceled it out right away. This is one treat I don't want around. A bag of cheeseless corn puffs, 1 cup of butter, 1 cup of brown sugar and half a cup of Karo!

Oh, it'll kill ya, but what a way to go! (Recipe over on Molly Bee's Kitchen)

I knit a couple jelly bean mice for Mum's cat Punkin. I'll be seeing her soon and she's about who she likes. It's always good to have bribes in your pocket just in case.
And I wrapped gifts. These aren't the ones I wrapped. The ones I wrapped are pathetic. These are from a friend who has MAD SKILZ in the wrapping department! I love the ribbon. It looks like a Christmas 'film strip'!

So I finally put a little Ho Ho in my holiday but it was short lived. Anybody got a little extra holiday spirit to share?


Anonymous said...

Ooooh...Pretty pictures! If the corn puffs are gluten-free, I could eat this. Could you share the recipe, please?

Sara in WI said...

Ooops! I hit "return" by mistake and didn't let you know who was writing!
Sara in Platteville

terri browne said...

A cup of hot chocolate and driving around to look at Christmas lights always puts me in the holiday spirit!

That caramel corn looks amazing!

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