Weekend Fun

This post contains pics of last weekend and this weekend because my computer has been a bit peckish and I haven't been able to import pics. The problem seems to be solved.

Last weekend I went to lunch at friends Scott and Michael's house.
Michael handcrafted yummy marinated kabobs. He is a chef extraordinaire!

And we had a wonderful lunch on the patio at their beautiful new house.

Afterward Scott got a second installment of knitting lessons. See that face? That's what he thinks of knitting when he doesn't see the camera.
This is his "I'm on the air and I LOVE knitting" face.

This weekend I threaded my way through the Kinder soccer extravaganza at Redden Soccer Park to see friends Pat, Wee Paddie and Brenda.

Beside ripping up the field like Pele (two goals and at least one assist thank you very much!), Wee Paddie had fun climbing on the Verona Fire Truck.That kid is just cuter than a speckled pup!
Rain cancelled my Sat. night plans so I had some unexpected down time for reading, spinning and nursing the sunburn I got at the soccer game. Guess they don't call it Redden Park for nothing!
How was YOUR weekend?


Michelle said…
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Michelle said…
Full of flowers and sheep, sun and rain.
YarnThrower said…
It's amazing they were able to get a game in this past weekend with the crazy rain schedule... Looks like lots of fun...well, except for the part about the sunburn...
terri browne said…
hee hee -- I love the pictures of Scott! Too funny.

Our weekend was nice. William and I visited my family for a few days. Read all about it on our blog!
dale-harriet said…
Weekend? There was a weekend?
I'm saving my weekend for my blog. That's not true. I don't want to talk about my weekend because I'm only pretending it was great fun. It was only funesque, not truly fun. I'm the turd in the pool today.