Wisdom Wednesday

I had an exceptionally bad couple of days last week. At work, I was so far behind I thought I was first and at home I ended up in a rut so deep I could hang up posters. My friends rallied round with words of encouragement and wisdom when they were very badly needed. My knitting friends took me under wing on Friday night, poured two bottles of Chocovine into me and by Saturday morning all was well with the world. Lesson: Friends will see you through. Especially friends with chocolate wine!

The weekend was fine, but by Monday, the Chocovine was (mostly) out of my system and I found myself a little gun-shy and tense on the drive in to work. So I took a deep breath and asked The Universe to give me a sign that things were going to go better this week. At that moment (I'm not kidding you, at that VERY MOMENT) a beautiful deer popped out of the woods and into the ditch and ran beside my car for a full 30 seconds before popping back in the woods. WOW! Feeling cocky, I then asked The Universe for the winning Power Ball numbers. My call hasn't been returned. Doesn't The Universe work on the Genie-In-A-Bottle system of three wishes? If I had KNOWN you only get ONE....I mean the deer was beautiful and all, but... Lesson 1: If you really need a sign and you believe, the Universe will give you one. Lesson 2 : Be very careful what you wish for... because end up with a fleeting glimpse of deer in a ditch instead of $200,000,000!

What did YOU learn this week?


No extra deer will run alongside you even if you have more money.
MadCityMike said…
Ah yes, what we all couldn't do with a few mil, eh? I do hope the rest of the week/weekend and from then on, are all MUCH better for you!
Elizabeth said…
At least you didn't put your car in the ditch while watching the deer. And the deer didn't decide to jump out in the road in front of your onrushing car!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
And isn't it worth a lot that the deer didn't do what deer usually do and run in front of your car? Glad folks took good care of you. Tomorrow I'm experimenting with the Elder Scottish Rose Cocktail. I'll let you know...
Cindy G said…
Hope things are looking up. And I'd say the odds of a deer running along side you instead of jumping in front of you are even longer than those for winning the Powerball. So, yes, the Universe is telling you to hang in there.
YarnThrower said…
I hope you're having a much better week this week! And, I believe in signs !

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