Wisdom Wednesday

(After I read this entry, I realized it was a little bawdy as well as containing an inexplicably high rate of scat references. Read at your own risk!)

♥All of my ‘over-achiever’ friends scattered to the winds this long weekend to celebrate the ‘official kick off’ to summer. Expensive airline tickets, boats and water gear, camping gear, campground spaces, water park passes, and gallons of gasoline were purchased. Impressive amounts of alcohol, warm potato salad and pork products were consumed. Much merry was made. Come Tuesday morning the reviews came pouring in. All I heard was complaints: too much $ spent, heat exhaustion, traffic jams, long lines, sun burn, rashes, ticks and other bug bites, food poisoning, broken equipment, and hangovers. I just don’t get it. I spent a wonderful low key weekend. Kicked it off with a fish fry Friday night with a group of friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Geocached a little on Saturday morning. Knit a little on Saturday afternoon. Movied a little one Sunday and then capped it off with a lovely picnic lunch at dear friends’ house on Monday. Tuesday found me, calm, happy, healthy and refreshed. And debt free. I like doing all of the things my friends did, just not all in the same weekend, and because I’m ‘supposed to because it’s Memorial Day’. Lesson 1: Pace yourself, People! Lesson 2: Happiness is free and doesn’t require special equipment. Lesson 3. If you’re gonna follow the herd, you’re gonna step in some poo!

♥I have an appt. for my annual mammogram today. TMI. I know. Deal. Understandably it's not particularly my favorite thing and ANY kind of doctor thing makes me nervous. And I’m going to a new place so I had to look up the address on MapQuest. Imagine my surprise when I realized the clinic is in a building that used to house a billiard parlor. Story of my life. 'Yeah, I’m just gonna mosey on down to the pool hall to get a mammo.' When I told my friend, she predicted that they would tell me that their equipment was broken and they’d have to perform the exam manually. But she also said that if I played my cards right, I could get them to PAY ME! I’m now to amused to be nervous. Lesson: Life is WAY amusing if you know where to look.

♥I was pooh-poohing an idea that was suggested by a friend. He was wicked excited about it and I was being a Debbie Downer about the whole thing. He looked at me and said, “Don’t be a turd in the sandbox!”. Then later that same day a friend used that as her status on Facebook. I’d never heard it before and thought it was hysterical (both times, because I’ve met 9 year-olds with senses of humor more mature than mine). The Universe was obviously delivering the greatest lesson/phrase EVER into my capable hands. I’m pretty sure this will be a regular part of my vernacular from now on. It’s apropos for so many occasions! General Life Lesson: Don’t be a turd in the sandbox!

What did you learn this week?


Cindy G said…
I keep looking for the "love" and "funny" buttons, a la Ravelry.

A post that makes me snort at the thought of a mammogram deserves both.
dale-harriet said…
1. I learned that friends' wisdom has nothing to do with their age;
2. I too learned that some of the bestest fun can be had for the leastest money;
3. I learned that I love reading more than I realized (and I don't expect I'll EVER use one of those kindle-nook thingies unless ill-health demands it);
I learned that you have a foodie bloggie deal that's the equal (in my mind) of Ree's, and I mean to whomp up some of your delicacies toot sweet. (My 'word' is NATIFE....as in "So, bein' born a Nodak, duss dat make you a *natife* amacaroon?")
Sara in WI said…
I spent a quiet weekend up north in an already established cabin with a friend. We cooked and laughed and enjoyed the woods...Yes the gas cost money but the peace was worth it.
Lynda said…
I read that line as "9 year olds with senses of humor more manure than mine"! Thanks for the giggle!
Lynn said…
I learned that the ice cream maker containers really do need to be frozen for 16-24 hours to freeze solid enough to work. Eight hours is not enough. On the other hand, a slushy made with fresh ingredients is very tasty.

The completely non-dairy ice cream with coconut milk, soy creamer, soy milk and fresh mangos turned out really well. I'll have to make it again and actually freeze it next time.
YarnThrower said…
I'll take "low key" over over-programmed and crazy any day! We did "normal" things, too, and it was NICE! Glad you were refreshed!
Elizabeth said…
Hey, I got my mammogram at that same place.
Lisa/knitnzu said…
One year when I got the mammo, the technician said "love the camera", meaning lean into it a bit... She said it's a trick to look younger (stretches out the neck wrinkles), and works great for the bubulas too.

Never heard the poo in the sandbox thing, but I remember finding them and picking them up and breaking them apart, and smelling them, trying to figure out just what the heck they were. It was years later that I learned... slow about some things I guess...
The word "turd" is giggleworthy all by itself.