Lettin' It All Hang Out

Y’all are lucky I’m having trouble downloading photos after the weekend I had! I met friends, Joe and Steve, down at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. We made our way around the square looking for the fabled, yet elusive, frozen cheesecake on a stick vendor. No luck, it’s still a dream, People.

We then ambled down State street to stake out our spot for the parade. Saturday was Bike Nekked in Public Day. My bike had a flat (darn it!) but about 50 hardy souls hopped on their cycles in various stages of undress and rode 8 miles through the city. Nudity doesn’t bother me at all. The logistics of bike seats and all of the chaffing make me a bit queasy, but the parade was awesome! Saw two girls from Knit Night at The Ear. One had green hair with a flower wreath, pasties, a tutu, and a smile. The other one had a teeny-weeny hand knit bikini on. They were having a blast and so was everyone watching them. Folks were cheering them on.

There were about 10 folks completely clothe-less on the way up State Street, but they got arrested somewhere on the square and weren’t with the group when they came back down. The word on the street is that the police told them that anyone with their ‘naughty bits’ exposed would be arrested. The fine was almost $500 bucks. I love that the authorities led and followed the parade with squad cars but didn’t arrest anyone until halfway through the route. The news hardly mentioned it only to say that 10 arrests were made for disorderly conduct, making it sound like there was a problem. The 10 were the ones mentioned above. There was no problem. Madison is a pretty progressive city. How does that quote go? Madison is 85 square miles surrounded by reality?

Anyway, I loved it and it was in keeping with my usual... unusual weekend shenanigans and another thing to mark off my ‘Now I’ve Seen It All’ list. My friends seemed a little disappointed. I believe the quote was “How come there’s never anyone you WANT to see naked?”

What did YOU do this weekend?


My bike also has a flat tire, so I had to settle for naked showering. I don't know what's keeping you from making your own frozink cheesecake on a stick. You are maybe out of sticks?
terri browne said…
oh, how i miss madison!!!
DPUTiger said…
I was photo editor of my college newspaper and one year I went out to take pictures of the final practice race prior to DePauw's Little 5 bike race. A team of freshmen decided to ride nekkid. Yes, we published the picture with the naughty bits blurred out.
dale-harriet said…
As I recall there were no pix in the paper of the parade and rally on State Street some years ago when women challenged the right to appear on the beach topless, "like the guys do". It was quite a populous parade, women nekkid from the waist up (and a few guys, saying "fair's fair", who appeared in lacy teddies). As I recall, it is NOt against the law to appear topless on the beaches in Madison. HOWEVER - no ladies *I* know want to risk burning the sticky-out-y bits above the waist. Being ABLE to does not mean you HAVE to.

(My "word" is ERSTER - isn't that the holiday with chocolate bunnies and yergs?)
dale-harriet said…
PS: in about 1963, a record shop on campus in Minneapolis ("The Electric Fetus") announced free albums to the first 100 people to stop by Saturday morning - nekkid. The turnout was something like 1400 folks, as I recall.....makes on nostalgic, it does.
Cindy G said…
You know, I actually had some of that frozen cheesecake on a stick; but it was at Taste of Madison, not the Farmer's Market. (Given that this is Wisconsin, it's surprising they weren't offering deep fried frozen cheesecake on a stick).

It's good to know that the crowd from the Ear was well represented.
MadCityMike said…
I DEFINITELY only am running around naked in the darkest of dark nights! I couldn't stand all the admirers. AS IF!!!! ;)

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